Fong’s Fine Chinese Dining is owned and operated solely by Mao Feng Wu and is the fulfillment of his dream to own his own restaurant. The style by which he runs the restaurant has been derived through a collaboration of thoughts and ideas after years of experience working in different positions in Chinese restaurants, starting as a busboy and moving on to cooking and managing, and mainly by listening to his many customers throughout the years; listening and understanding what has been basically missing in most Chinese restaurants: fresh quality meats with the correct cuts to insure the texture and taste are at their peak, choosing fresh vegetables and staying consistent with the sauces to insure healthy, quality dishes that make regular customers out of first time diners.

Your Servers

  • Will adjust the spice level on any recipe to your preference
  • Will adjust recipe ingredients to your taste
  • Will change your deep-fried dish to stir-fried

Your Chefs

  • Use 100% vegetable oil
  • Prepare your food with freshly-made sauces from their own recipes

What are people saying about Fong’s?

…serene, elegant but welcoming to both families and couples. The cooking lives up to the ambience, too, with many homemade touches and friendly, prompt service.

Stacy Kratz, Deseret News
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…a friendly, warm Chinese restaurant brimming with welcoming people and vibrant flavors and decor.
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